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Get the individual support you need to find and follow your Yoga path

Why work with us?

It's easy to set out on your teaching journey without a clear idea of where your destination might be or how to reach it.  Once you've been teaching for a while it's all too easy to get overwhelmed by the day to day stuff and lose sight of your own development and needs.

So, whether you are a new teacher or you've been teaching for a while nothing beats having a dedicated team who can provide you with the support you need on your journey to be the best teacher you can be.

Our Yoga teacher development plans are tailored to your individual needs and goals.  We can help you:

  • Identify gaps in your training and knowledge base and recommend or provide support to fill them.

  • Review your current teaching style so you can give your students an even better experience.

  • Find the confidence and develop the additional skills you'll need to make the transition from part time Yoga teacher to full time Yoga business owner, if that's what you want to do.

  • Develop your own practice so you never lose sight of why you wanted to teach and you are supported and continue to grow as a Yoga practitioner too.

  • Stay motivated and focused regardless of the challenges you face in your teaching role.

Ready to do more?

If you're ready to move forwards, please email Kate at and we can organise a time to discuss how working together can help you meet your goals faster .