Thursday 30 May

Just a quick reminder that our 10:30 and 12:15 Yoga classes are running as normal in le Breuil-Coiffaud (79110) even though it is a jour férié today. Come and join us if you want to get your holiday off to a great start! See you later.

Happy Easter!

All of our online and live Yoga classes are running as normal this week. If your Easter indulgences have left you in need of an extra Yoga class on Monday or Tuesday why not come and join us online? The tech side is really straightforward to set up and drop in classes are available (see our booking page for more info).

If you have any questions just drop us a message at

See you on the mat soon.

How's your back feeling today?

Far too many of us live with an aching or painful lower back. However, the good news is that most of us can take action and improve our back health using Yoga; even the NHS includes Yoga in its recommendations as one of the ways to reduce ongoing back pain (

Both of us have experienced periods of back pain over the years as a result of accidents and, at times, a far too sedentary lifestyle! We also, know that Yoga can be great at both reducing the duration of the discomfort and speeding up our return to normal activities. We’ve been teaching specialised backs classes in the UK for many years now and we’ve seen the difference it can make even if you don’t see yourself as a Yogi!

From Thursday this week, we’ll be offering 45 minute specialised classes in Le Breuil Coiffaud (79110) for anyone who wants to improve the comfort in their back and feel better more often!

If you’d like to come and join us, just drop us a quick email at We look forward to seeing you soon.

New specialist joint care Yoga classes starting this week

We have a new Yoga class starting on Wednesday this week in Le Breuil Coiffaud (79110).

We’ll be offering a dedicated class for those who would like to work on their basic joint health. This will be ideal if you are

  • generally feeling a bit stiff and crunchy;

  • living with an ongoing joint condition (such as arthritis); or

  • wanting to improve your mobility following a joint repair or replacement.

The class will be 45 minutes long and the content each week will be tailored to the specific needs and goals of the attendees.

Everyone welcome so just drop us a quick line at if you’d like to join us and see what Yoga can do for you.

New Yoga class in 79110

We are delighted to announce that we have a new group Yoga class starting on Thursday 21st February at 10.30.

The classes are held at the salles des fêtes du Breuil-Coiffaud, 79110, Hanc. This modern hall is located between Sauzé-Vaussais and Chef Boutonne (just off the D1).

The classes are taught in English and are suitable for all levels of fitness and experience.

There is also the option to stay on for a sociable tea/coffee afterwards if you wish.

You can reserve your space online at or email us at if you have any questions.

We hope to see you on the mat soon!