How's your back feeling today?

Far too many of us live with an aching or painful lower back. However, the good news is that most of us can take action and improve our back health using Yoga; even the NHS includes Yoga in its recommendations as one of the ways to reduce ongoing back pain (

Both of us have experienced periods of back pain over the years as a result of accidents and, at times, a far too sedentary lifestyle! We also, know that Yoga can be great at both reducing the duration of the discomfort and speeding up our return to normal activities. We’ve been teaching specialised backs classes in the UK for many years now and we’ve seen the difference it can make even if you don’t see yourself as a Yogi!

From Thursday this week, we’ll be offering 45 minute specialised classes in Le Breuil Coiffaud (79110) for anyone who wants to improve the comfort in their back and feel better more often!

If you’d like to come and join us, just drop us a quick email at We look forward to seeing you soon.